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Ethnobotanical Garden

Yorubaland is home to the Yoruba, the largest ethnic group in southwest Nigeria. Use of indigenous plants for health and healing has been passed down from generation to generation of Yoruba. This ancient system is known as Ifa, the path of divination, and a practitioner is called babaláwo, father of ancient wisdom. Yoruba beliefs and culture are no longer confined to Yorubaland. Over 200 years ago, people from this region of West Africa were taken as slaves to the New World. Enduring untold hardships, they retained their physical strength and indomitable spirit through these traditional practices and incantations. In the Caribbean they gave rise to Santería, a new belief system that spread to the United States. Medicinal plants are still at the heart of these beliefs, preserving something of the West African rainforest in the urban jungle of American cities.

The Ethnobotanical Garden is beside the Botanical Nursery. It aims to:

  • cultivate, propagate, and display plants of practical and cultural importance to the Yoruba
  • increase awareness of native plants, their uses and conservation
  • provide materials and information for training, education and research
  • organise guided walks and hire of the garden for enjoyment of Yoruba plant heritage

The Ethnobotanical Garden was developed by the IITA Forest Project, funded by the Leventis Foundation 2010-2014. Further support was received in 2012 from Ibadan International School, which donated proceeds of a sponsored “mathbuster” challenge, and from the Kakofoni Arts Foundation which held a fund-raising “Reforestation Ball” at the Muson Centre, Lagos. The event was organised by Elder Chief (Mrs) Josephine Oboh-Macleod with support from Chief Norman Core MacLeod, media environmentalist Mr Desmond Majekodunmi, interior designer Mrs Zusi Ward, and fashion designer Mrs Osuare Egbuonu. Mr Festus Olumese was also a donor at this event.


Picture of Ethnobotanical GardenPicture of Guinea pepper, Ata-ire Aframomum melagueta
Ethnobotanical Garden

Our address

IITA Headquarters
PMB 5320, Oyo Road, Ibadan 200001, Oyo State, Nigeria.


            Johfrim Art & Design

Charity Auction Titled – ‘Metamorphosis’

Took Place at

Akorita (Spirit of Motherhood) Charity ball, Sprowston Manor Marriot Hotel & Country Club, Norwich, United Kingdom on 11th November, 2017.

 This was a successful event that raised money for breast cancer. 

Johfrim Art & Design supported the event by donation several Artworks and other items for auction. The proceed was given to Akorita charity. They included this painting and sculpture.



Milngavie Week Photography Competition.

Our creative director Johfrim (Josephine Oboh-Macleod) was honoured to be a judge a Milngavie week photography exhibition. Over 80 beautiful photographs.

portrait photograph


Assist with Art and Well-being sessions Abbotford Suites care home, Milngavie, St-Paul’sChurch, Milngavie,

Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom, & Antoine House  Care Home, Bearsden, Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom.


 Chief Josephine in Art Therapy room Abbotford Suites Care home.       The Opening of Abbotford Suites Care home Chief Josephine with manager Sue of Abbotford at the Art Therapy room.  


Assists with Gardening at Baldernock Childcare Garden, Balmore & Glasgow Academy, Milngavie, Glasgow Scotland.


Photography by Johfrim, Josephine Oboh-Macleod


Ghana Independence  Day on 6th March, 2018 at TAAC, Chief Josephine Oboh -Macleod spearheaded this celebration with TAAC Chief Kofi Amu.


Creative director Josephine is an active volunteer at Gavin’s Mill, Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Gavins Mill is one of Glasgow’s leading fair trade shop apart from being a volunteer she is the in house photographer.  They have participated in various fund raising events on behalf of  Gavin’s Mill.

Nelson Mandela Centenary Gala Dinner.  

Venue – The Hilton Hotel Glasgow,

1 William St,

Glasgow G3 8HT

on Friday 24 August, 2018

The monies raised is to go primarily towards erecting a statue of Nelson Mandela at Mandela place in Glasgow, city center.

This is a very worthy cause to immortalise the work of Nelson Mandela and others like him.

Johfrim donated her painting title African Queen which went on a silent auction.


If you want to join in the campaign to carry forward the legacy of Nelson Mandela please contact the foundation.

I am very happy to share with you that over £25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Pounds) was raised on

Nelson Mandela Centenary Gala Dinner. My painting African Queen which went on a silent auction was bought and all of the proceeds was donated by Chief Josephine Oboh-MacLeod Johfrim to Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation.

More donations are still being received please do not hesitate to donate to this good cause.


We collaborated with Lambhill Stables, to host an African  inspired Art Exhibition titled Crescendo that will last till the 21st September till end of October 2018. This exhibition  was very successful. 






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