Johfrim Art & Design

Event News – Afro-Celtic Textile Art and Design. Milngavie, September 2021. More info…

(Johfrim Art & Design is part of The Kakofoni Group)

Johfrim Art & Design offer quality Art collections, Sculptures, Textiles, Jewellery, Interior, Landscape Design & Architectural Design Services for Individual, Collectors, Hotels, Offices, Hospitality/Leisure Group.

We take pride in our beautifully made Art Works which are eye catching, a pleasure to own, above all can be passed on to to the future generations to enjoy & cherish.

It’s all about creativity.

Studio Address

26A Station Road, Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 8AB, Scotland, United Kingdom

Get in touch+44 7900 396707  or +44 7530 942342

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