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Johfrim (Chief Josephine Oboh-MacLeod)

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Artist, Photographer, Designer at Johfrim Art & Design; Artistic Director of Phinessence. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. She enjoys painting, sculpting, photography & design. A lot of her inspiration comes from nature. She studied at Newbury College, Boston, USA, and did her Masters Degree at University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. She studied Art at London Art College, UK and Art apprenticeship at Universal Studios of Art, Lagos, Nigeria; Interior/Garden Design courses at KLC School of Design, Chelsea Harbour, UK and Photography at Calumet Photography, Jessop Academy and Epson printing courses, UK.

She has been part of various Art Exhibitions and she has several of her works in international private collections. She is a member of various Art Groups. She now has her studios and residence in Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Artist StatementArt is a creative process that will never stop existing. It is a gift to us that we need to appreciate. If we look around us we must not fail to notice the beautiful and impressive works of nature.

Professor Abayomi Barber

Abayomi Barber is one of Nigerians most renowned artist. A graphic designer, painter and sculptor, Barber trained at Yaba Technical Institute (now Yaba College of Technology) and at the Central School of Arts and Craft, London between 1960 to 1962.

Born in 1934. Professor Barber grew up in a flourishing art environment, at the court of the Ooni of Ife, which had a profound effect on the artist’s work. Abayomi’s merging of the pre-colonial African Ife and European artistic traditions attest to his creativity and versatility. This led to the emergence of the historical narratives of modern art in Nigeria, which had its beginnings in 1971 at the then school of African and Asian Studios, University of Lagos. Abayomi Barber is wisely exhibited at home and abroad, and his works can be found in notable public buildings such as the National Gallery of Arts in Lagos, the UNICEF office in Paris.

Dr David Dale in an art gallery

Dr David Dale

Dr Dale painter, Graphic artists, muralist, sculptor, print maker, stain glass maker and horticulturist. A multi-talent artist and excellent horticulturist and landscape designer was born in Lagos in 1947 to a Scottish father and Nigerian mother. At the age of two years, his father sent him to England to live with his sister, Lady Isabel Slater. As a child prodigy, he won art competition laurels at a tender age. Dale lived in England for twenty years, with frequent holiday trips to Nigeria.

He taught at the Department of Architecture at the University of Lagos for thirteen years. He was also a Graphic Consultant for the African Architectural Technology Exhibition for FESTAC 77.

He has collectors international, private and institutionally, he has executed several prestigious commissions, and has participated in (solo and group) exhibitions.

Artist Statement:  We embrace success as a journey, not a destination, and as such will contemplate some stops along the way, the more idealistic, perhaps obvious manifestations of success are those represented by life’s simple pleasures. A minute success pays for the failure of the years.

Barry Sutton

Barry is a thoroughly accomplished and acclaimed creator in bronze from the Great Yarmouth Art College. He joined Leicester Polytechnic and obtained BA Honours degree in sculpture before joining the British Museum and heading the model making department.

Some 15 years later Barry left this structured environment for the challenges of the film industry where he worked in animatronics on such famous films as ‘101 Dalmations’ ‘Babe’ and ‘The Flintstones’. He combined this experience in film to work on a number of projects for the BBC including the highly acclaimed documentary, ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’.

Having such a sound knowledge of anatomy allows him to be inventive with form in sculpting his Goya-esque impressions of animals without compromising the inner rational. It is impossible to look at his work without a smile.

Abiodun Olaku

Abiodun Olaku – Painter

Professional Artist – Specialized in Painting – Widely, exhibited worldwide. The name Abiodun Olaku has become synonymous with consistently breath- taking and enthralling art. Since graduating in1981 from the renowned art institution, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, under the competent guidance of Masters Yusuf Grillo and Kolade Oshinowo.

He has discovered his creative being and essence. With over 60 group and joint exhibitions to his credit since 1985, he has had solo outings. His work has been shown and collected individually and corporately in many countries in Europe and the United States of America.

Born in 29th Demcember,1958 in Lagos, Nigeria, Olaku is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) and he is a founding member, trustee and the current Vice-President of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria. He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria with his family. 

Artist StatementAn artist is a tight rope walker. He is constantly pulled by the contending forces of professional ethos and economic temptations.

Ian Swales

Ian was born in West Yorkshire in 1974 and he showed artistic flair from an early age.
Through intensive life figure drawing his works gained direction and he decided that figurative sculpture held a great appeal and would hold endless possibilities for personal expression.

His main ambition was to become a graphic designer. However, it wasn’t until he attended the local college that he found two-dimensional design restricted his chosen forum of expression. As such, he decided to specialize in three-dimensional design and work towards a career in sculpture.

Having completed his foundation studies with distinction, Ian applied to the one figurative sculpture course in the United Kingdom and was successful in his application. In doing so he became one of the fortunate few chosen from hundreds of applicants to the Stafford College of Figurative Sculpture.

Ian easily graduated from Stafford with one of the highest grades ever attained. His work has been seen in several exhibitions. Ian’s contemporary’ David’ figure was a prize winner in ‘The Lost Generation’ exhibition at the Birmingham Angel Gallery and was reviewed and highly praised in ‘The Times’ art supplement. With gallery, natural history, public and private projects, Ian’s future in sculpture seems assured.

Imhonigie Imoesi

Imhonigie was born in Nigeria, graduated from Federal Polytechnic Auchi with a Higher National Diploma in painting and general art, majoring in painting in 1999. Upon graduation, he embarked on a full time career as a studio artist. Following a four–year residency that commenced in 2005 at the National Gallery of Art, Lagos (Nigeria). Imhonigie was an executive member of the Lagos State Chapter of the Society of Nigeria Artist (SNA) as the financial secretary. He is an environmental campaigner, for his works depicting a variety of landscapes. Imhonigie paintings are influenced by nature. He generally captures the co-relationship between the environment and humanity. This underpins the philosophical basis of his paintings. Imhonigie works are predominantly oil on canvas and he paints with pallet knife. His works also expresses the dynamism and vibrant nature of African culture including traditional religions and urbanization. Imhonigie has exhibit excessively and his work has gained increase popularity in both public and private collection.

He has worldwide collectors and he has take part in a lot of UK and international exhibition.

Imhonigie is a member of Nigeria Artist Society UK, (NASUK) also a member of Society of Nigeria Artist (SNA) and other prestigious associations.

Artist Statement: The purpose for my art is helping reconnect humanity back to nature, which we have lost track of with due to our busy day to day lives and urbanization that has take us away from nature and her healing powers. if you are too busy to go to nature I will bring nature to you in the comfort of your living room with my nature paintings and this is another positive way to connect with nature to receive its natural benefits. Nature and man inseparable, by be in oneness with nature and attuning thyself with the Universal Force that governs the world.

Alan Black

Alan Black is a Scottish photographer and graduate of Glasgow School of Art. He has travelled throughout Japan, exploring and photographing the landscape and abandoned structures (Haikyo in Japanese).

Shooting mainly in Medium Format using a Mamiya 7ii camera, Alan employs a documentary and photojournalistic approach to his subject matter. The human condition and humanities relationship with the environment are common themes in Alan’s recent work. Japan is where Alan draws most of his inspiration. The diverse landscape emanates a spiritual energy which he strives to capture photographically. He has immense respect for nature, and spends hours exploring the wilderness, hoping to connect on an emotional level with his surroundings. The camera provides a means for Alan to experience deeper engagement with the environment around him, simply through closer observation.

Alan’s photographs have appeared in a variety of publications, both online and in print. His work has also been exhibited in a range of galleries throughout the world including the Getty in London and at the renowned Eigenheim Galerie in Berlin.

Olabisi Onawale Fakeye

Olabisi Onawale Fakeye

Olabisi Onawale Fakeye (1942 – 2017) was born into a renowned family of Yoruba traditional wood carvers on the 9th of March, 1942 in Ila-Orangun, Osun State, Nigeria. He attended St. Matthew’s Primary School, Ila Orangun (1949 – 1956), L. A. Secondary Model School, Ila Orangun (1957 – 1959) and later proceeded to the Ife Divisional Teachers Training College (1963 – 1964).

Olabisi Onawale Fakeye trained under his uncle, Professor Lamide Fakeye. As a regularly exhibiting artist, Bisi Fakeye mounted and participated in over 50 national and international (group, joint and solo) exhibitions between 1963 and 2017.  One of his masterpieces was adopted for use as the Africa House Logo in Havana. His major commissions are in private and public collections in Nigeria, Rome and Cube. He has taken part in over 20 exhibitions between 1963 and 2005 in Nigeria, USA and Germany. He is an active member of Society of Nigeria Artists and founding members, Universal Studios of Art. Bisi Fakeye transited, in October, 2017.

Edosa Ogiugo

Edosa Ogiugo

Edosa started his career in 1980 as an OND student at the Yada college of Technology and later obtained an HND, Fine art (painting) in 1983. He graduated with several college awards and won the NYSC Bauchi (1985/1986) Awarded. He was a Guest Lecture at YABATECH from 1994 to 1996. Edosa paints with beautiful colours and remarkable strokes.

Edosa Ogiugo had participated in several workshops among which is the Winchmoore Hill School London, Legend Drawing. He also hosted solo exhibitions and numerous local/foreign group exhibitions; His commissioned portraits of past heads of states and elder statesman; he also painted the portrait of His Excellency, Don McCinon Secretary General (2002) of the Common Wealth of Nations.

Ogiugo has been the President of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria.

Titus Agbara (

Titus Agbara was born in Lagos. He attended the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi 1994 up until 1999 achieving his Higher National Diploma in Painting and General Art. After graduating he serves his native Nigeria in 2000/2001. Since then has been fulfilling his destiny as a full-time artist. He has to his credit many group shows, private commissions and solo exhibition in London, Africa and abroad and has participated in art residency with Professor Ablade Glover and with Kofi Setordji under the sponsorship of Ford Foundation. Also took part in ‘’imagine art after’’ a world art project in the UK. SkyArt Portrait Artist of the Year 2014, Sky Art Landscape Artist of the Year 2015 and 2016.

Titus has particular interest in painting landscapes. His painting technique is elaborate and distinguishable. There is honesty and sincerity expressed in his pieces. He paints with a palette knife, mostly in oil but also water colour and pastel. Titus view life as one great adventure, travelling is his passion, and he loves to create works to share with the world which he believes in someway will impact society and inspire goodness in humanity.

Artist Statement: Art is man’s quest for the truth either consciously or unconsciously done. It is inexhaustible. The quest for the never ending truth is what I call individualistic tendency.

Josephine Jo Drew

Josephine Drew paints in watercolour, pastel and acrylic. She belongs to Sunbury and Cookham Arts Groups, The Society of Floral Painter and Wokingham Art Group.

She enjoys give back her talent so does a lot of teaching and workshops. Her works are hanging in many countries around the world.

Artist Statement: My main love is painting flowers in watercolour and capturing the translucency, shape and movement of the flower. I am a very keen gardener with qualifications in horticulture and garden design. I have two large herbaceous beds where I grow my favourite flowers to paint through the seasons. I also enjoy painting boats, people and racehorses.

I have been on painting courses in France and Dorset with the late Alan Hume. Also, with Frank Halliday, painting Norfolk skies and landscape. Flowers with Barbara Crowe and mountains and lochs in Scotland with Don Mclane.

John Drew

John Drew is a very experienced photographer. He resides in Berkshire and he enjoys taking pictures of nature. He is married to artist Josephine Drew.

Monday Akhidue

Monday Akhidue

Monday was born at Ugbegun, Esan Central Local Government area of Edo State, Nigeria in 1952. He is a gifted sculpture. He attended Saint Francis Catholic School, Ugbegun and Ikeja Grammar School, Oshodi, Lagos. Earlier, he had joined his cousin, Sculptor Amos Odion to undergo a four-year apprenticeship course.

He later worked under the late Erhabor Emokpea and developed his penchant for carving. His wood sculptures today adorn many reputable buildings such as Economic Commission for African Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Unilever Headquaters, London, Addax Petroleum, Nigeria etc.

He has exhibited in Havana, Cuba and several venues in Lagos. He also has a solo show to his credit which was held at the Goethe Institute in 1981. Married with children, he is a member of Society of Nigerian Artist and Vice Chairman, Executive Committee of Universal Studios of Art.

Artist Statement: My various approaches to art give power to my various forms of expression ranging from naturalism to abstraction. The anchoring element is rooted in my deep meditation, keen observation and dynamic reflections.

Monday Akhidue

Alex Nwokolo

Alex Nwokolo was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1963. He trained at Auchi Polytechnic (also known as the Colourist School) and the University of Benin, where he gained a distinction in his Higher National Diploma in painting and a Master’s Degree in fine art (painting) respectively. He was awarded the American Ambassadors Prize for Artistic Achievement in painting upon graduation.

Alex has exhibited in more than five solo and over 40 group exhibitions in Nigeria, UK, USA, Holland and South Africa. He has won a number of artistic awards including being judged a winner and awarded a Certificate of Merit in the Guinness Nigeria Art competition.

Alex is regarded as one of Nigeria’s most talented Colourist and views his involvement in the Auchi School, together with his interest in the impressionist movement, as being key to his artistic development. His works have a strong design element, structuring the way in which he plays with the effects of dark and light on colour. The creative, experimental nature of his work often produces exciting and according to Alex unpredictable resulting in ‘totally expressive painting with an abstract quality and a life of its own’.

He is a member of the Guild of Fine Artists Nigeria and Society of Nigerian Artists.

Bunmi Babatunde

Bunmi Babatunde

Bunmi Babatunde, graduated with Higher Diploma in Sculpture from the Yaba College of Technology in 1983. He worked briefly at the Department of Culture where he produced the bust of the then Director of Culture, Dr Garba Asiwaju. He also has had various important commissions including the statue of MKO Abiola. He became a full time studio artist in 1984 and was party to the founding of the Universal Studios of Art of which he is the current Chairman, Executive Committee. 

He has exhibited internationally and his sculptures has made it to international auction houses such as Bonhams.

He has contributed immensely to humanity in both his Artistic endeavours and Pastoral duties.

Artist Statement: Art that is good art, is somewhat spiritual, a quickening, a spur, an inspiration all of which are the vehicles transporting ideas into work room of imagination, comprehension, execution and benediction.

Mufu Onifade

A multi-talented Artist, Mufu is an exeptional artist, poet, playwright, performer, arts writer, and event and arts manager. Born October 5th, 1966, he obtained OND general arts with best student prize from Polytechnic Ibadan in 1988.he obtained a certificate in painting from African Art Museum and Training Institute, Debre-Zeit, Ethiopia in 1992. He also attended Obafemi Awolowo University, lle-lfe where he studied and recorded overall best results in Fine Arts in 1997.

He curated Ajibulu Moniya Gallery between 1997 and 2002 after which he founded Ara Studio which he now manages. He is founding member and coordinator of the Index Group of Artist; Secretary, Executive Committee, Universal Studios of Art and belongs to a few other professional groups in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He is the originator of Araism, a unique, authentic African painting technique.

wallace ejoh

Wallace Ejoh

Ejoh is an Accra, Ghana – born artist whose flair for art has been from childhood. He was born on 3rd October, 1966 but resides and practices Art in Lagos. He obtained a Higher National Diploma(painting) from Yaba College of Technology in 2000. He had been painting professionally before then.

He is a multi-talented versatile Artists. He is a very good realistic painter. He can tackle any subject with ease and superb skill. Artist/Art Instructor at universal studios of art & Simple Plan Studio Bornu Crescent, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. 

An artist and instructor of deep commitment, he has participated in some group exhibitions. A founding member of Index Group of Art, he is also a Member of Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA) and professional Member, Universal studios of Art. He was taken part in over seven group exhibitions in Nigeria, Ghana, London, Holland, USA.

Artist Statement: Let go of logic and allow creativity to have its way. This is how I allow my true self to manifest. My painting is more about the looseness of brush strokes and the manipulation of light.

Fidelis Odogwu

Fidelis E. Odogwu

Fidelis Eze Odogwu was born in Agbor, Delta State on the 17th November, 1970. He had his Higher National Diploma (HND) in Sculpture from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State in 1991. He worked with a renowned Nigerian Sculptor Ben Osawe between 1988 and 1989.He is a very hard working and creative Artists. He is a supporter of save the environment. He uses a lot of found objects in his master creation.

He is currently a full-time studio artist. Fidelis has participated in several group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement: The world we live in is beautiful, full of colour, intricacies and dynamism. As an artist, I am contributing my quota to enhance this beauty, also devising ways of survival by continually being relevant, consistent and dedicated to my art.

Joshua Nmesirionye

Joshua was born on April 21, 1968. He obtained a National Diploma (general art) and a Higher National Diploma Painting (HND) in 1996 and 1998 respectively. A full-time studio artist, his exhibition credits include Discovery 2000, Muson Centre; Luminous Pastel show by Mydrim Gallery (2004), Index exhibitions 2003, 2004, 2005 and Rejuvenation by Society of Nigeria Artists (2005). Last Picture Show in Douala 2008 and in 2009 in Douala and Lagos and in October Rain2008 and 2009 organized by SNA Lagos. He has exhibited in Europe and USA.

He is an Artist with expression. He is able to give his unique stylish signature to his Artworks.

Artist Statement: My inspiration comes from people, the environment I find myself in, and my imagination. My art is rendered in different styles depending on my subject, my mood and temperament. I have recently introduced geometric shapes into my figurative works.  

Sue Harrison MCSD

A Scottish Artist and Designer, Sue works in watercolour, ink, acrylic and pastel, sometimes exclusively, but most often in a mixed media style.

Her bold and vibrant Landscapes and Floral paintings display her fascination with colour, shape, texture and light.

An interior Design graduate with 25 years in the ID industry, Sue now works from her Perthshire studio painting, printmaking, creating unique Artists Books and designing her own range of homewares and lifestyle accessories.

Sue is an Elected Exhibiting Member of the GSWA. Her work hangs in Private Collections throughout the UK, Portugal, Canada, America and Australia. Information on exhibitions, galleries and other opportunities to view her work is available on her website,

Artist Statement: I never cease to be excited by a dramatic view, soft dreamy landscape or beautiful flower or tree. The challenge is to hold on to that excitement and capture the essence, conveying that feeling into the finished work, for the viewer to experience.

Osagie Aimufia

Osagie Aimufia

Osagie graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria

A multiple prize winner, he was awarded the overall best student in the school of Art and Design, 1993 class. 

He is a very talented multi-media artist who works in oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache, all tools in aiding the artist’s experimental nature. 

He has his works with international collectors from earlier on in his career. He gets his inspiration from the environment around him.

Aimufia has featured in various exhibitions in Nigeria, USA, England and Germany. He is a member of SNA (Society of Nigerian Artists) and VASON (Visual Art Society of Nigeria). 

Francis M. Uduh

Francis M. Uduh 

Francis is from Ewreni in Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria. He obtained an Ordinary National Diploma (General Art) from Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi and Higher National Diploma (sculpture) from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. Since debuting at Young’s Masters Arts Exhibition in 1990, he has featured prominently in many group exhibitions in Europe, USA including an appearance at Contemporary African Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland 1990.

 His recent commissions include metal sculptured gates, mosaic murals, pillars, cold cast bronze, life statue and wood carving. Frank is a multi-faceted sculptor whose experimental regeneration exudes masterly results. He is a member of Society of Nigeria Artists and Universal Studios of Art.

Artist Statement: Life is personal; so is art. It revolves around discovery of self, the tools, the subject matter and circumstances of the immediate environment. It is also personal to the marketer and the consumer. Thus, there is no formula to art; it is a thing of spirit, the mind and soul.

patrick agose

Patrick Agose

Agose Patrick was born on 5th July, 1961.  He graduated from Yaba College of Technology with Higher National Diploma(Sculpture) in 1989.

 A foremost and well-respected sculpture from the realistic school of thought.  His works are widely exhibited & with collectors worldwide.  He has been a full time studio artist since 1995.

He has taken part in many exhibitions in Nigeria between 1992 and 1997 and ‘Nigerian Gold’ held in London in 2002. He has also executed many monumental Sculpture Projects in Bronze. He has the gift to capture realism with a sympathetic approach to his subject matter. He has been committed to passing on his gift by training other Artists & students.

Artist Statement: Let Art be valued beyond aesthetic objects acquired by few individuals in our society but be seen as a creative tool for advancement of our policies, social habits and sustenance of culture, as obtainable in the Western World. He who frowns at Art, automatically neglects the most vital life process creativity. 

Ebenezer Akinola

Ebenezer Akinola

Ebenezer Akinola was born on December 1, 1968 in Ibadan. He graduated from the University of Benin in 1989 and has been a full-time studio artist since 1993.

He has a panache portraiture with a realistic that is fluid and truly beautiful. He travels around to assimilate his environment and these experiences reflects in his painting.

He enjoys photography also and has lovely pictures of his journeys. He has had multiple exhibitions locally and internationally. 


Dudu Emmanuel

Emmanuel Works as a Self-Employed Artist was born August 1974. He is from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.  He studied Painting at Auchi Polythetic, Edo State and University of Lagos, Nigeria. He paints with dedication and confident dexterity. An Artist who paints with sensitivity and empathy for is subject. He enjoys painting people especially beautiful portraitures that has deep expressions and innocence about them. His approach is refreshing to his subject matter.   

He has exhibited widely. He has worldwide followers and collectors. 

Artist Statement: Showing a work of art is important, but documenting it is far more important. It makes it historical.

Chief Nike Okundaye

Chief Nike Okundaye

Chief Nike Okundaye is a self-employed textile artist and a painter at Nike Art Center, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Founder/CEO Nike Art Gallery Ltd & Nike Art Foundation. 

She is a multi-talented Artist and paints in different mediums. She is a very good fabric designer amongst her numerous talents. She is also renowned for her home furnishing line especially her hand dyed and hand sewed quilts. She has numerous traditional titles and also from Ikate Land, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. 

She has a renowned in Lekki, Lagos, and other parts of Nigeria. 

World famous Nigerian foremost female Artist and culture advocate. She has exhibited internationally and has worldwide collectors including diplomats and presidents of various countries including United States of America.  

She has done and continues to do a lot for charity and humanity.

Alan Dedman

Alan Dedman

He studied at Great Yarmouth College of Art & Design, then went to St. Martin’s School of Art. Following this he gained entry to the Royal Academy Schools in Piccadilly, London – which offers the only three year post-graduate course in Fine Art in Europe. He was influenced to paint in the way of the London School – tonalist, quietist. 

After the Academy Schools he worked as a medical illustrator for UMDS; drawing from dissections working within the medical community. Alan kept studios in Vauxhall and Hackney in London. He worked for Imperial College and began teaching at CONEL in the 90’s. After travelling in Asia he moved to the West Country in the UK.  

Alan took a PGCE at Bath Spa University and continues to work as an artist and educator. Alan is one of the main tutors at the London Art College where he teaches on distance learning courses. 

Kunle Osundina

Kunle Osundina

Kunle was born on 27th July, 1971. He has a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Ife in Osun State. He won various awards. He is a very talented Artist and a wonderful patient colourist with exceptional skill in portraying is subject matter in any medium. The exceptional unique works of Kunle is celebrated for its aesthetics value , its educational and philosophical connotations.  He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions. He has worldwide collectors of his beautiful & skilfully rendered Artworks. 

Kunle gives thanks to the Alfa Artist Almighty God for his exceptional talent. He believes that life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward.

Ade Odunfa
Ade Odunfa

Ade Odunfa was born on the 19th May, 1973 in Lagos, Nigeria. He has Bachelors degree in Fine Art from Amadu Bello University, Zaria. He is a multi talented Artist. He developed is mastery of horse scenes at this Northern Nigeria university. He is also a talented web & stage designer and he had amongst the team that are behind the success of the elaborate floats and imaginary at various Art festivals especially the Lagos Carnival.

Odunfa paints with a passion moved by his love for the environment around him. He celebrates the uniqueness in his Artworks. He has mentored many Artists and designers. He has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions, has is paintings with private and cooperate collectors. Odunfa has won many prestigious awards for his creativity. 

Artist Statement: Art is life, Life is Art

Olojo Kosoko Kolawole

Olojo-Kosoko was born into Olojo-Kosoko royal family of Lagos State, Nigeria. He has Masters degree in Art. He is a visionary and he enjoys things to be precise. He is expressive and analytical in his Art which are people and culture orientated. He enjoys painting natural landscapes. He is also a very good draftsman. 

He is a member of various Art groups including Society of Nigerian Artists where took on several position. He has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions. His works includes painting, Textile design, Sculpture, Photography and draftmanship. He believes in nurturing young Artist and he now lectures at Art institutions.

Artist Statement: Art is life

Anthony Nwalupe

Tony Nwalupe

Tony hails from the Odogwu Royal House, in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. The Nwalupes background has much dexterity in Art & Music. He studied Art at Auchi Polytechnic form1986 to1990. He is a very creative Sculpture and painter. He has won several awards. He designs and build complex water fountain and water fall using mix media. 

Tony Rankin as he is popularly called is a surrealist, impressionist/expressionist painter, highly philosophical, adventurous with high imaginative power. He infuses and blends mediums, styles, tradition and culture into visual unity and forms in sweet colourful tones.

He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions.  His artwork can be seen in palatial buildings and private homes worldwide. 

Emmanuel Inua

Emmanuel Inua

He was born in Itu, Akwa Ibom State in April 1966 & passed away on 3rd Dec, 2011. He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU), Nigeria in 1987 where he specialised in painting and obtained a degree in fine Art in 1987, specialising in painting. He has held the position of head of Art Department in School of Art & Science Uyo.

Inua paints with a passion expressing his love for the environment and people. Enjoys painting on textural surfaces using multimedia approach. He had several solo and group exhibitions. He had international collectors of his unique artworks. He always argued that art must not be confined only within the formal gallery space. “Art should be taken to the people.”

Artist Statement: When I am painting I play old music. I enjoy the works of Michael Angelo, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Aina Onabolu, Ben Enwonwu, all dead artists, but their legacies still breathe. I believe those guys had something this generation appears to have lost forever “Conscience”. I am committed to fighting against the societal abuse of women and children, especially those in Africa. Their honour, dignity, prestige, passion, needs to be appreciated & respected.


Dotun Alabi

Dotun was born in 1972. He graduated from Yaba College f Technology in Lagos, Nigeria. He is an energetic expressive, talented painter with an inner fire to give back to the society. He has lead many Art groups including society for Nigeria Artists (SNA).

He loves to paint natural scenes and figurative paintings where he blends his colours with a natural expressive rhythm. He has taken part in various prestigious exhibitions.

Artist Statement: Facts become Art through love, which unifies them, lifts them to a higher plane of reality and in landscape, this is embracing love is expressed by light. The best equipment one can bring to works of Art is a natural attitude.

Uche Idochie

Uche Edochie

Uche Edochie studied Painting as a major at the University of Nsukka, Nigeria in 1997. He is an avid writer, poet, and an excellent interior designer.

His works are representative of the cultural collaborations that have formed the modern African identity. His portraits are sometimes inscribed with Uli and Nsibidi motifs. He makes paintings with multi-cultural, multi textural implications. He enjoys deep thoughts and surrealistic suggestions in his creatively rendered artworks which he infuses with African traditional script writing.  Edochie paints women beautifully showing off his understanding and control of the media.

Uche is an international renowned artist who has exhibited locally and internationally. His works are well sort by international and local collectors.

Artist Statement: Your metaphors of inertia and hysteria are like yin and yang. Black and white, light and dark, you name it. They coexist. They balance themselves out. Eliminate one and you upset the natural balance.

Jefferson Jonahan

Jefferson Jonahan

Jefferson a versatile artist and he is one of Nigeria’s foremost pastel artists. Born in Lagos Nigeria in 1970 he took an interest in drawing from a very young age. He studied art at the renowned Federal Polytechnic, Auchi School of Arts and Design, where he graduated in 1993. Jonahan has been in full studio practice since 1994. He has participated in over 20 group exhibitions and he has held 2 several solo exhibition. He draws inspirations from environments around him and his figurative and landscapes paintings are realistically rendered with impressionistic elements. He is an inspiration to many young artists in Nigeria and abroad, he continues to mentor them in his private studio and workshops. One of his famous quotes is “I am still learning” – Michel Angelo at age 85.

Artist Statement: My paintings simply portray how nature reveals the wonderful glory of God.

Donald Ekpo

Donald Ekpo

Donald was born in 1967. He graduated from Yaba College of Technology as a sculptor. He has won numerous awards for is sculpture. He loves modelling human form and his mastery of anatomy shows through in his works which has dynamism and movement. He also likes to work with various media including metal.

He had various prestigious commissions where he had created exceptional Art pieces that he is renowned. He has a unique surrealistic style to some of sculptures and a distinctive style to all. He is extremely creative in employing his mix media techniques. He continuously explores his surrounding and uses day to day action and nature as his inspiration.

He has participated in group and solo exhibitions. He is sorted by national & International collectors.

Kehinde Sanwo

Kehinde Sanwo

Kehinde Sanwo was born on the 17th September, 1963, in Lagos, Nigeria. He is well known for his sticking architectural landscape paintings. For over a decade he has documented the architecture of old Lagos. He enjoys painting landscape. He paints in various medium but particularly loves watercolour and pastel for which he has very good mastery. He makes beautiful lamp holders.

He feels that height, breath, depth, colour, sunshine, solemnity, are vivid pictures of delight. He paints not just to express himself but to express something that takes hold of him.

Artist Statement: My vision is all about revealing what the casual observer does not see. The history of a place, the sensations of the moment, the gestures that quickly pass. In my works, colour, line, pattern and textures are dexterously utilized to capture the fleeting qualities, preserved for us all to enjoy.

Lanre Ayoade
Lanre Ayoade

Lanre graduated from Yaba College of Technology where he studied painting. He is a versatile artist who likes working in oil, pastel & watercolour. I enjoys pointillism and as perfected his technique. He is also experimental with various unconventional media and techniques. He is a prolific artist who uses various medium to respond to nature and express his views on the society. He has partaken in various exhibition and workshops.

Artist Statement: I practice Art as an intellectual vocation, a therapy and a spiritual calling. Art for me is a very necessary means of mediating on life and externalizing my anticipatory and respective projection, with the hope of making some impact on my environment.

I am conscious of my place in the society as an artist, an integral part of a collective thought process. I believe that it is the responsibility of the artist to nurture the culture of creation, appreciation and preservation of beauty.


Ankeli Christopher

Christopher graduated with a painting and drawing degree from Kano State Polytechnic. He was born 14 March, 1975. He loves painting in oil and water colour. He enjoys cultural themes that remind him of his roots. He likes mixed media because it encourages him to experiment.

He has been part of various exhibitions and collectors internationally.

He enjoys painting cultural themes and sends messages to his audience through the old African writing of symbols. He also enjoys landscape which he captures in delicate strokes especially when using watercolour.

Samuel Ebohon

Samuel Ebohon

Samuel graduated from Yaba College of Technology in 1990 and from Federal College of Education, Akoka to learn to teach Art. He has taken part in various exhibition and has serious minded collectors of his Artworks.

He is renowned for his beautiful colourful cubic stroked paintings. He is a consummate artist whose experiments in art have generated a lot of respect. He paints in oil, acrylic and pastel. He leans towards the extraordinary, a trait that allows him to view objects or scenes from a very narrow perspective. This helps him to convey the message hidden behind the motif or patterns characteristic of his composition, which are derived from his social cultural life and surroundings. His paintings are semi abstract whereby he captures the effect of rays on objects which brings cross fusion of colours. He loves bright colours because they lift the inside spirit.

Artist Statement: I paint first for satisfaction of self. What I have achieved now is borne out of years of total dedication, hard work and patience but the journey has been worth the toll.

Edison Ekwueme

Edison Ekwueme

Edison was born in 1969 in Abba, Imo State of Nigeria. Graduated from University of Benin, Edo State with a degree in Painting and Sculpting in1994. He won Winsor and Newton 1999 award for best painting. He is renowned for his excellent strength and lines that he uses to depict his very creative Artworks that are truly unique. He believes that the strength of any artist is in the rendering of his lines in his draughtsmanship. His paints and sculpt in different medium. He is extremely versatile, and he approaches his Art commissions with much enthusiasm and dexterity. He is a member of various prestigious art associations. He has exhibited locally and internationally in over 30 exhibitions. He has his artworks in public and private collections.

Artist Statement: He enjoys teaching and mentoring young artist and has had remarkable success with his protégées. Over the years I lacked the patience of rendered my heart desired paintings. In God’s infinite mercy, I have in abundance that which was lacking. It’s the Lord’s doing.

Ogunsanya Adekunle

Ogunsanya Adekunle

Ogunsanya is from Abeokuta in Ogun State of Nigeria. He studied painting at Yaba College of Technology in 2002.He is an avid painter who loves using bold colours and he uses these to give subtle suggestions to his viewers. He has a mastery of various media and enjoys mixed media artworks.

He is a member of Society of Nigeria Artists (SNA). He has partaken in various exhibitions and has his artworks with serious art collectors.

Okon Ayi
Ayi Okon

Ayi was born in Calabar, Cross Rivers State in Nigeria on the 16th Feb 1982. He spent a good part of his growing and formative years in Lagos which has a strong influence in his painting. He returned to Calabar to nurture his graving for painting and studied painting at Cross River University of Technology. (CRUTECH).

He has taken part in various exhibitions. He has control of various medium. He enjoys teaching Art and giving back to the society and young Artists. He is currently working at Cross River University of Technology. (CRUTECH).

Tinu Olabanji

Tinu is one of the few female Artists that was school mates of Abiodun Olaku and Bunmi Babatunde. She graduated with a painting degree from Yaba College of Technology in 1882. She is one of the few female resilient & avid painters. She can paint in various mediums, but she has a particular mastery in her water colour and acrylic artworks.

She uses her paintings to express her detailed observation of the environment and what is happening around her. The colours she chooses from her pallet enhances the message she wants to give. She is a member of various associations including association to promote female Artists. She takes part regularly in various solo and joint exhibitions especially THE All-Female Art Exhibition. She has certainly made her mark in the artworld. Her works are with collectors’ worldwide.

Artist Statement: I am passionate about the plight of the African woman and this I showcase mainly in my works. I love to work with acrylic, pastel, graphite and my new love is fabric and rope collage.

Lucky Isaiah

Lucky Isaiah

Lucky was born in 1980 in Ikot Abasi in Cross Rivers state in Nigeria. He is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic in 2008. He has acquired a distinctive style well admired by his collectors. He has participated in various exhibitions.

Artist Statement: I try to articulate stories through my paintings to affect my audience positively, thereby creating positive changes.

Adebesin Adedamola

Adebesin Adedamola

Adebesin was born in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. He holds a degree in painting from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, Nigeria in 2003. He renders his Artworks in various mediums and he particularly enjoys the effect of light and shade which he describes as sculpting his works. His drawing has good form and movement which distinct his unique style. He has partaken in several exhibitions and he has international collectors.

He has been a full-time studio artist since 2004 and his works had been sold in several auctions.

Artist Statement: One should have the ability to learn new ideas and adapt to the environment quickly, be creative and deductive in thinking. Be able to visualise and actualise.

Adewale Ayinla

Adewale Ayinla was born on 2nd of February 1964 in Ifon – Osun state, Nigeria to a renowned family of traditional Ife painters.

He stated his elementary school in Army children’s school Kaduna, Northern Nigeria where his interest in art started and in secondary school he developed the talent.

He had his formal training in fine art at Institute of Art and graphic Ile-Ife (Osun State) organised by Ogundele Art Studio in 1989-91 where he became co-ordinator 1991-1993 and Osun State council for Arts and Culture. He specialises in abstract acrylic, oil painting, pen & ink drawing, wood cut and batiks. He paints lovely image expressing Yoruba traditional mythology. He sometimes adds his own interpretation’s. He loves bold traditional colours.

He has had various solo and group exhibition in various parts of Nigeria, France and the parts of Europe.

Stanley Dudu

Dudu Stanley

Stanley was best graduating Painting and design student of Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State, Nigeria. He has won various prestigious awards for his artworks. He is very good with tonal range hence he is a master of black & white rendition. He enjoys painting varied themes. He is well admired in the Artworld and has taken part in solo and group exhibitions.

Artist Statement: Art focuses as much on socio cultural and religious happiness. How the economic aspect of life been left out?

Abu Larry

Abu Larry

Larry was born on the 18th of March 1976. He is a 2005 graduate of Sculpture from Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State, Nigeria. His sculptures have good movement and forms. He enjoys experimenting especially with found objects. He is an extremely creative artist with the drive to take art to another level wherever possible.

Artist Statement: I am conscious of the fact that any time I do a piece of artwork, I am making a lifetime statement of myself.

Emenike Ogwo

Emenike Ogwo

Emenike is a fulltime studio Artist with a degree in Art specialising in painting. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom. He is greatly influenced by the environment around him and his deep love for his family. He depicts his subjects with varied brush strokes employing several mediums in an abstractive manner. He has is works in public and private collections.

Artist Statement: Painting is a surface covered with objects depicted in a certain order. If I make use of reality I always transform it and transpose it so that it is seen entirely through my imagination.


Elizabeth Harrison

Elizabeth studied at University of Lagos, Nigeria where she now works. She loves painting especially with water colour. Her themes are sometimes traditional and there are deep cultural implications to her paintings. She has participated in several exhibitions.

Bayo Ogundele

Bayo Ogundele

Bayo painter ad print maker was born in 1949 in Osogbo in Oyo State, Nigeria. He was from a family of talented artists and Osogbo is very renown for it’s traditional Art. He was affected by his rich cultural environment as he was growing and decided to study visual art with Professor Wangboje and dramatic arts at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife. He was highly influenced by his brother Rufus Ogundele.

He has exhibited extensively in Nigeria, Cameroon, UK, Germany, France, Australia and US, where he is included in the Mbari Art Collection at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, National Gallery of Modern Art, Lagos, Nigeria as well as many private collections.

He specialises in drawing, oil painting, mono print and wood cut print.

Onadipe Olamide

Oladipe Olumide

He studied arts and education at the University of Nigeria Nsukka and the University of Lagos, Nigeria where he graduated with a master’s degree in 2012. Olumide is a multidisciplinary visual artist is painting are full of hidden meanings left to the viewers to explore and his multi works are full of idiosyncratic sculptures that are built using diverse media including plastics. Olumide is fascinated by textures and environmental subjects and he expresses this fascination through playful iterations.

He has taken part in group exhibitions in Ghana and Nigeria. Olumide’s major collaborations include an artist residency and Open Studios exhibition with Arthouse Contemporary (2016), Colours of Hope in partnership with the Cancer Foundation (CLWCF), Children Living with Cancer Foundation (2014), American Nigerian Cultural Collaborative Project, US Consulate and Nike Art Gallery Lagos (2013), Beyond Boundaries, Nubuke Foundation, Accra (2013), October Rain, Nike Art Gallery, Lagos (2011) and Dialogue Between Cultures, National Museum Lagos (2009), commemorating 50 years of cultural relations between Nigeria and France.

Olumide is a book collector and enjoys fast walking which gives him inspiration for his paintings.


Reuben Ugbine

Reuben obtained Diploma in Art, Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Nigeria.

Higher National Diploma in Sculpture, Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria 1979

Ugbine’s forte lies in woodcarvings and exquisite terracotta sculptures. He manipulates the concave and convex within his figurative or mask forms to create a jumping-off point for a reflective and insightful artistic practice. He uses this manipulation to achieve a three-dimensional reality to thrill the beholder to a standstill and appreciate and ponder about the complex nature of creativity. Ugbine’s theme tends to focus on social realism – human figures who seem to disclose the existence of various aspects of the Nigeria way of life.

Prior to his full-time commitment to studio practice, he lectured at Auchi Polytechnic. He has continued to teach his numerous his skill with immense pleasure. His pieces are displayed in numerous public spaces across Nigeria. Reuben has had solo and joint exhibitions throughout Nigeria and in Lebanon, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Chief Toba Sunday
Chief Z. O Oloruntoba

Chief Toba was born in Ogidi-Ijumu, Kwara State in Nigeria. At a very young age he joined his family dynasty of talented successful artist. He was trained traditionally but he also adds his own twist an interpretation to his artworks. He is highly imaginative and his clairvoyant dreams that influences his artworks were published by University of California press as King Marakapa’s Dream. He enjoys string, batik and bead work.

He has exhibited international. His artworks as continued to earn him respect and popularity with his multitude of collectors.


Efosa Ero

Efosa Ero was born in 1960. He trained to attain a detailing for sculpture under his uncle Moses Ero in 1977 and with R.U Ogiamen in 1991 and subsequently worked with Babatunde Bunmi (sculptor) and others. He has mastered the skill of sculpting especially using wood. Detailing is used to express his inner self in his Art works.

He has exhibited severally and has his works with international collectors.

He is presently a full-time studio artist in Universal Studios of Art, National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Artist Statement: Art offers me a unique pedestal for personal projection, realisation, and fulfilment. Empowerment and prosperity are added benefit.

Tulu Guya

Guya is an Ethiopian artist born in Dallo near Debre Zeit in 1946. Tulu has had a connection to things of the earth natural to life on a farm that has influenced his work. His paintings are rooted in the soil, filled with images of the wild rural landscapes of his childhood.
Tulu went to Atse Libene Dingel School in Debre Zeit where he was very popular with his drawing ability. With the encouragements of his teachers, he joined the Addis Ababa School of Fine Arts while he was at grade ten. At the art school, he learned to paint graphic arts under the German instructor Professor Hansen Bahia, and drawing, water color and perspective with Gebre Kristos Desta. Skunder Boghossian also taught him quick sketch and collage his courses also included sculpturing, industrial art design, history of art and art education.

His special ability in wood-cutting techniques has earned him with good reputation.

NDASUUNJE JOSEPH SHIKONGENI – Painter/Musician popularly known as Papa Shikongeni was born 28 February 1971 in Windhoek, Namibia.

He had his formal education and then joined the resistance struggle for Namibian Independence. In 1991, he attended classes at the Council of Churches of Namibia. Later, I met and worked with the Namibian artist Joe Madisia and joined him with other artists at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre. In 1993, he attended visual art classes at the University of Namibia for silk-screen and textile.

Hebeen attended various art technique workshops in cardboard print, lino cuts, silk-screen and painting.  He has participated in several international artists workshops “Tulipamwe”, two in Namibia, and another workshop “Teng” in Senegal. He has held workshops in 1994, 1995 throughout Namibia, in the development of visual art for schools.

He was Arts lecturer at Franco Namibia Cultural Centre for two years (1994-95). In the same year he also started conducting workshops throughout Namibia for art teachers and learners in development of visual art, dancing and storytelling for schools.

He has exhibited internationally and he works are in distinguished private and public collections.

David Amokoto

Is a renowned Namibian artist who is very talented in print making and can also work with various mediums. He has exhibited internationally and has his works in prestigious collections locally and around the world.

He had a major exhibition in Omaruru, Namibia, 2014; and Vaenersborg, Sweden.

Herman mbamba

Herman Mbamba

Herman was born in 1980 in Namibia. Herman Mbamba began his studies in 1999 at the John Muafangejo Center, in Windhoek, Namibia. He then continued his studies receiving a BA and MA degree at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway (2003-2008). He lives and works in Oslo.

He lived through the last decade of apartheid in South Africa and grew-up during the post-independence period in Namibia. These political changes, as well as, the theme of immigration, politics and intercultural movement are at the focus of his creative work. His prolific artwork reflects the continual mixing of personal histories and collective memory.

He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, both in Norway and Namibia. Prestigious collections, such as the National Art Gallery of Namibia Collection and the National Museum of Botswana have acquired his work.

Andrew Van Wyk

Andrew van Wyk

Andrew van Wyk was born, 1963 in Windhoek, Namibia into a family of skilled craftsmen. He grew up on a farm in the Rehoboth area.  Studied at the Out of School Training College, South Africa; art classes at Academy, Windhoek.  First solo exhibition, Windhoek, 1990.1991-2 group exhibitions South Africa, Rome and Bonn.  1995 Solo exhibition Trossingen. Germany.  Taught graphics at John Muafangejo Art Centre, Windhoek.

He was strongly influenced by the Damara, Nama and Baster cultures and his mixed identity.  Born, he attended art classes at the Academy, Windhoek. Initially he had a job in a print shop and could only paint in the evenings by artificial light.

Van Wyk uses a wide range of techniques and mediums on paper, but is one of Namibia’s pioneer cardboard printmakers.  This technique is very similar to lino printing but using cardboard instead of lino, requiring significant skill and precision.  Van Wyk’s work weaves between reality and fantasy, history and memory, addressing a range of social and political themes including the nature of rural and community life, cultural heritage, education and poverty. The importance of storytelling is clear in his art.

Nancy Barquero Gee

Nancy Barquero Gee

Nancy is a Venezuelan fine artist, sculptor and jewellery designer. Through the years she learned that art is all around, and she obtains her inspiration from simple objects and scenes around her. She can paint realistic and impressionistic subjects. She likes bright colours to record her subject, and make the ordinary look more beautiful, which gives her pleasure, whilst also challenging. She enjoys the act of creating and that gives her personal satisfaction.

She started her art education in year 2000 sculpting in Caracas, Venezuela at the art school Taller Arte Fuego.  She enjoyed creating pieces of sculpture, but living abroad, it was not always easy to find the right foundries to reproduce sculptures, so she decided to commence painting. Through the years, she continued with her art education and obtained a diploma in Creative Arts (DipHE), from UCA University (University for the Creative Arts) in England.

Natalie Priddy

Natalie Priddy

Natalie was born in 1986. She is a painter & photographer. She studied Art at The American Academy of Art in Chicago, USA.

After completing high school in Ireland, she decided to further her understanding of art, especially Visual Art, at The American Academy of Art in Chicago, USA. Studying traditional methods strengthened her perception and knowledge

Natalie is widely travelled and the influences of all these countries have given her a unique outlook. She is an observer of different cultures.  For her it is very important to know what is going on in the world because she wants her works to be current and diverse. When people see her work she wants them to see something new but feel something familiar. She paints in various mediums and enjoys painting emotionally using surrealistic expressions. She enjoys same in her photography. She is a highly talented artist who has exhibited around the world and has her works with serious minded collectors.

Artist Statement: One of my goals as an artist is to move African Art into contemporary times while maintaining its own identity.  I also want to produce what I will term as World Art and not be too worried about being boxed into a particular style, and eventually to pass on my knowledge to the next generation as was passed to me.

Titiana Lord

Titiana Lord (Tatiana L’artist) is a graduate of prestigious American Academy of Art, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She can paint in various medium and style.


Chike Onuorah

Chike studied Art at the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. He is a very talented painter, musician and poet. His talent has earned him a well deserved nickname of D’artist Chike Onuorah. He grew up in Port Harcourt before moving to Lagos after his University studies. During his schooling especially during his University education he won various awards for being the best Art student.

He is an artist that loves to experiment with his strokes. He can say so much in very little strokes. His paintings are loaded with inner messages. “The more you look, the more you see”. He can paint in different mediums.

Artist Statement: The way forward is the way to go. Sometimes tough & sometimes rough to ride. The way forward is the way to go. Screeching & sliding in every slide. Could be easier with a bit of luck, but must be ready for luck to count with darts & arrows as yet a duck. The beauty of success in the flaunt.