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Special thank you message

As I work on my goal in touching lives through Humanitarianism etc. Please know your support has helped me not to give up. I will continue to be persistent and eventually will do what I set out to do.

Would like to appreciate, The National Lottery Community Fund, Scotland for Funding JOM CHARITY -SCIO Afro Celtic Event that took place in Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, United kingdom in 2021.

The support you provided helped tremendously. I am thankful that you stuck with me and still love me through difficult times.

We have apply to the National Lottery & Glasgow Mental health Funds for 2022 funding to enable us facilitate creative art, well-being and Mental health activities in kirkintilloch East, North, Twechar & Milngavie, Glasgow.

We are very positive on our chances of getting the funds.

“I am extremely excited to facilitate these activities” and regardless of the funding, We have continue our activities in Milngavie and have ear marked fantastic activities in kirkintilloch and surrounding area in 2022 says Jom Charity East Dunbartonshire travel and Tourism founder and Trustee

Josephine Oboh Macleod💕💕

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Johfrim (Chief Josephine Oboh-MacLeod)

Johfrim Art & Design  


Humankind is known to have its earliest origin in Africa. Africans have since excelled in various art forms. African art is known to have inspired international artists such as Modigliani, Picasso, Giacometti and many more;  to this day African art remains intriguing, powerful, and full of energy.

walkingman sculpture


Sculpture Amedeo-Modigliani-tete-de-jeune-fille-a-la-frange

Africa is blessed to have art as a vital force that positively enhances its image and adding to her GDP.

The African artist were well respected in their communities and most had other occupation but evoke happiness and other emotions to their communities through their art.

Art uses were varied, from celebration of birth, life, death, religion, decoration, royal recording, documentation of important occasions etc.

A lot of African artist get their inspiration from events around them, nature and the environment.

African artist has an acute sense of rhythm and movement this is encompass in the depiction of their forms and this rhythm and movement can also be seen in the African music and dance.

Art in Africa is mainly done by hand, a laborious process but the artist showcases his craftmanship with zeal, dedication and affection.

Colours are very important. They are used to express mood. Either their mood or the mood they intend for the viewer. African sculpture has dynamic life force that no doubt impresses upon the on looker.


Their sculptors successfully link planes, cubes, forms, elevations and depression to produce a pleasing holistic piece. They sometime combine realism with abstraction to create a free-spirited piece of artwork.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Some ignorant, will say African art is naïve, primitive and ugly but one must realise that African art was produced by the artist for various reasons. If it is to be used to a traditional ceremony that needs the character to be fearsome, so the artist will depict such in his rendering.

African art as earlier stated was used for ceremonial/religious purpose. As a deterrent/praise /respect in the case of the ancestors, for decoration, by royalty to showcase their importance or record events, but most especially for the enjoyment of the artist and community.

Researchers have since countered the myth that African art of old were done by immigrants, but real African art were done by native African. They might have been influenced by foreign elements at some point, but they used what was compatible with their conception and inspiration to be creative. They believed that the gift of art came from Almighty God. Art is a pleasing factor to most human, so Africa is not any different.


We at Johfrim Art & Design are here to showcase that the modern-day African artists are with the ancestry of those that have produced master pieces that are at various museums and important collection around the world.

Like their forefathers they are mostly influence by nature, communities, spirituality, and life they experience or around them. We must expect influence of the international communities. The world is more global, but our African artist are telling their stories through art. Their contribution is countering some of the blanket negative impression of Africa.


African art is something to uphold and support. Please look at an image of a African artwork and send us your opinion of what it evokes in you in a few words to share.

We are pleased that some auction houses such as Bonhams now actively promote the sale of African art.


It’s all about creativity and the Arts.

Enjoy your Art!

We thank all contributors, including books, African Art by Frank Willet, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, The Art of Africa by Elsy Leuzinger , The internet & professor Chris Dunton for his Edit and support.

Photography of Johfrim by Trevor Graham Photography, Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland.